Want to join the Band?


Interested in playing with the Kelowna City Band?   We have 70+ members but are always interested in discovering proficient  musicians and would like to hear from you!  



Individual practise is encouraged between rehearsals.  

There is no audition requirement at this time and anyone can join us at rehearsals.  Individual members are encouraged to practise between rehearsals as our music can be challenging.  

Permission of the section leader and conductor will be required before new players join us in concerts.  



When a smaller group is needed:

When a smaller band is required for concerts or playing opportunities when limited space is a factor,  the Conductor and section leaders will select players for participation in those events.  Most of our performances involve the full group.

Our current Concert Band size:


12 Flutes

14 Clarinets

2 Bass Clarinets

2 Oboes

2 Bassoons

5 Alto Sax

2 Tenor Sax

1 Bari Sax

12 Trumpets

2 French Horns

8 Trombones

2 Euphoniums

4 Tubas

4 Percussionists


70 Members



We rehearse every Wednesday evening at the Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall, 1091 Coronation Avenue (corner of Gordon Drive and Coronation Ave)  from 7:30 to 9:30.    We start on time,  and end on time.    




There is an annual membership fee of $120.   Seniors 65 and over $90.  Students $50.   Fees help cover the cost of rehearsal space, music, storage, and other band expenses.   Come out, try us out, see what we’re about.   Should you decide after a few rehearsals to join,  we will collect dues then.   At an approximate cost  of only $3.00 per rehearsal, this is best music training deal in town!   The  weekly musical instruction from our conductor is stellar.  


 If cost is a concern, please feel free to confidentially contact our Band President, Tim Watson:  trumpetwatson@shaw.ca    It is band policy that  nobody  be excluded due to their financial hardship or challenges.


The Kelowna City Concert Band.

Enjoying serving the people of Kelowna

for over 127 years.